JustynDagg2Hi and welcome,  I’m Justyn Dagg a level designer with industry experience based in the UK.

With a deep passion for game development. Level design is the discipline I gravitate to.

Commercially my work is creditied with multiple noteable titles including Rising Storm and Killing Floor.

I understand Industry standards, areas like technical art and  level optimizations, but most importantly I understand design and gameplay.

Over my time I feel I’ve gained a good understanding of  level design, from what is required technically to produce levels that are environmentally fun, balanced and challenging.

My tool of choice is Unreal Engine from 2.5 to the latest versions of UDK and its intergrated toolsets. I would class my skill level with Unreal as advanced. Keen to develop this into Unreal Engine 4.

In the past I have used to a lesser degree several other engines like Unity, Hammer, Radiant and CryEngine3 to create playable levels. I am quick to grasp new tools and enjoy the personal challange they bring me.

Other areas to be noted are my awareness and familiarity with management tools and techniques such as SVN, VPN, P4 and JIRA. All of which I have used extensively over the last few years. To accompany this I am compotent in MAYA and Photoshop understanding the principles of mesh creation, texturing, uv layouts, collision and lightmaps allowing me to either create shelling meshes for proof of concept or game ready art.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.       justyn@leveldesigner dot co dot uk