Hi and welcome,  I’m Justyn Dagg a level designer based in the UK.

I have a deep passion for game development. Level design being the area I gravitate to

With a good understanding of  Industry standards my work is credited with multiple notable titles including Rising Storm , Killing Floor and Depth.

Over my time within the industry I feel I have gained a good understanding of  level design, from the approach to release and always aim to produce levels that are understandable to the player, environmentally fun, balanced and challenging as well as technically solid.

To accompany this I am compotent with MAYA and Photoshop understanding the principles of mesh creation, texturing, uv layouts, collision and lightmaps.

From a development standpoint I am fully able to both set and uphold deadlines as expected, communicate my needs and work both as part of a team or independently to reach a desired goal.

My commercial work has been based on the Unreal engine tech spanning versions 2.5, UT3 into UNREAL 4. However I am familiar with several other engines namely Cryengine, Source and Unity all to a lesser but capable degree.

Other areas to be noted are my awareness and familiarity with management tools and techniques such as SVN, VPN, P4 and JIRA amongst others. All of which I have used extensively over the last few years. Above all else though is my level of commitment and dedication , if im working with you or for you I am there because I want to be there. I feel I am a strong team member, not fully versed in every discipline but always ready to offer input, ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.