Rising Storm

risingstormicon2Rising Storm is a stand-alone expansion pack to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad developed by Tripwire Interactive . Based on the Pacific campaign of 1941-45. Risng Storm supports up to 64 player  battles across famous strategic locations.

Rising storm has been praised for its gameplay and environments by critics and fans alike. Holding a metacritic score of 82/100 and winning the PCGamer’s best multiplayer of 2013 award.

I have had a long and lasting relationship with Rising Storm. Starting back in 2011 to present.

In total I created 3 levels for Rising storms initial realease and 2 additional levels that where shipped as DLC. Along with this I also supported the development of several other levels that where part of the initail release.

My Responsibilties:

> Resarch and create design documents to allow Iconic locations from the Pacific campaign of 1941-45 to be played in a large 64 player team based environment.

> Create low detail, playable environments for proof of concepts.

> Iteration of concepts in both technical and art related manners through alpha, beta and gold stages.

> Asset requests and  art placement. Form a close relationship to the art team to bring the visualization of each level to completion.

> Level optimaizations, final bug fixing.


Ingmar Spit: Game play Designer at Tripwire Interactive: RisingStorm

“An intelligent en practical designer with an eye for gameplay and detail . He is hard working, eager to learn and develop his skillset, team minded in his efforts  and has good social skills.”

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