KIlling Floor

killingflooricon2Killing Floor is a first person co-op based survival horror game developed by Tripwire Interactive. Holding a Metacritic score of 72/100, Killing Floor amongst other rewards won the Best PC Game of 2009 in Voodoo Extreme’s Reader Choice Awards.

I have worked both commercially and in a modding capacity for Killing Floor. In a modding capacity I created several multiplayer levels, three of these levels where officially added to the retail game after winning prized spots in the Killing Floor Grindhouse Community mapping contest.

Commercially I have worked as a level designer for Killing Floor creating DLC.

 My Responsibilties:

> Follow design documents to expand on proir level concepts.

> Create low detail, playable environments for proof of concepts.

> Iteration of concepts in both technical and art related manners through alpha, beta and gold stages.

> Asset requests and art placement. Form a close relationship to the art team to bring the visualization of each level to completion.

> Basic optimaizations, bug fixing.

Keith Balding: Lead Level Designer at Tripwire Interactive:

“A very ambitious and energetic level designer who is able to quickly get game play spaces put together in both looks and expected game play implementations.”

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