Depth Game

depthicon2Depth  is a PvP multiplayer game which blends heart pounding tension and visceral action in a dark aquatic world.

Playing as either a diver or a shark, eliminate your enemies using a combination of stealth, cunning, and teamwork.

Depth received best over all in IdieDB’s 2014 editors choice awards as well as the Worldly Award “for immersion and top-notch representations of underwater worlds”


In total I created 10 unique levels for Depth, 5 for it’s initial release and 1 to accompany each consectutive update as DLC. Along with this I also worked on variants of some of these levels that where tailored to multiple game modes and shipped.

My Responsibilties:

> Create level concepts  to support isometric multiplayer gameplay.

> Turn concepts to low detail, playable environments for proof of concepts.

> Implementation and iteration of gameplay aspect

> Creation of environment art to compliment designs.

> Work closely with out sourcing to further bring the visualization of each level to life.

> Level lighting and post

> Optimaizations, bug fixing, after care.

Alex quick: Creative Director/Owner at DepthGame Inc:

“I had the pleasure of working with Justyn on my project Depth, where he created a variety of stunning underwater environments for us to swim around in. Justyn has a firm grasp of the mechanics that make a game level fun, but he is also able to produce aesthetically pleasing and very atmospheric environments to go along with solid game play. Bottom line : If you’re working with Unreal-tech and you want great looking maps which are also fun to play, he’s your man”


Neil Reynolds: Game Developer at Digital Confectioners :

“Justyn is an incredibly talented and passionate level designer which was given the difficult task of creating balanced and interesting levels for the asymmetrical multiplayer game, Depth. With quick iteration times and the ability to understand gameplay, Justyn was able to produce many quality maps, which were balanced, environmentally interesting, and give solid technical performance across low to high end PCs. Justyn was always able to uphold deadlines and communicate with us effectively to reach our desired goal.”


Visit the official website to find out about Depth

or can be found  here  on steam

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