James Tan: Director at Digital Confectioners:

“Justyn has been instrumental to the success of Depth through the levels he designed. His creativity and innovation perfectly captured the atmosphere and feel we were wanting in Depth; along with excellent game play as well”.

James was Justyn’s client.

Neil Reynolds: Game Developer at Digital Confectioners :

“Justyn is an incredibly talented and passionate level designer who was given the difficult task of creating balanced and interesting levels for the asymmetrical multiplayer game, Depth. With quick iteration times and the ability to understand gameplay, Justyn was able to produce many quality maps, which were balanced, environmentally interesting, and give solid technical performance across low to high end PCs. Justyn was always able to uphold deadlines and communicate with us effectively to reach our desired goal.”

 Neil managed Justyn.

Keith Balding: Lead Level Designer at Tripwire Interactive :

“Justyn is a very ambitious and energetic level designer who is able to quickly get game play spaces put together that match the requirements put before him in both looks and expected game play implementations. His understanding of how mechanics within the core game interact within the spaces he is building really complement willingness to follow direction to reach common goals as well as allowing him to use his natural skills. While working with Justyn on the Rising Storm project I was always pleased with the results that he was able to provide often spending a lot of his time refining his skills so that he could benefit the project better. Always willing to go that extra mile”

Keith managed Justyn.

Ingmar Spit: Game Play Designer at Tripwire Interactive :

“Justyn is an intelligent en practical designer with an eye for gameplay and detail – two of his most outstanding qualities. He is hard working, eager to learn and develop his skillset, team minded in his efforts and has good social skills. If you have a chance to work with him as a designer, do so”

Ingmar worked directly with Justyn.

Alex quick: Creative Director/Owner at DepthGame :

“I had the pleasure of working with Justyn on my project Depth, where he created a variety of stunning underwater environments for us to swim around in. Justyn has a firm grasp of the mechanics that make a game level fun, but he is also able to produce aesthetically pleasing and very atmospheric environments to go along with solid game play. Bottom line : If you’re working with Unreal-tech and you want great looking maps which are also fun to play, he’s your man”

Alex was Justyn’s client.


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